About Us

Southern Gas Heating Services Ltd are a commercial and domestic heating services company specialising in the maintenance and repair of commercial and domestic gas boilers, direct and indirect fired gas heating systems.

Our company moto is ‘we make it work’ and the idea behind it is that we will always repair before replace, as long as it makes economic sense, which in 9/10 situations we come across it does.

We have found, in our dealings with our clients and the industry at large, that there are a lot of companies who favour replacing appliances mainly due to a lack of knowledge on the operation and maintenance of the appliances.

We created Southern Gas Heating Services Ltd to combat these rogue practices in the industry in order to give the customer the value for money that they deserve.

Why should you trust us to look after your facilities and appliances? Our engineers are all highly qualified and vetted by technical testing of the highest standard to ensure they have deep mechanical and electrical understanding of all heating systems. It is not enough to understand how something works at Southern Gas Heating Services Ltd, but our engineers must also understand why things work, down to the smallest electrical components and to the basic building blocks of atoms and their composition.

We feel that by employing a workforce that understands the foundational questions in mechanical engineering and electronics we can deliver a services unmatched by our competitors.

Our lead engineer Zak Asir has over 10 year’s experience in domestic and commercial settings working in large companies. He is trained in domestic and commercial range of appliances from the manufacturing process all the way to operation, service and maintenance. The knowledge amassed by our engineers is vast and you should be confident that you are in safe hands when choosing our service.

Of course we understand that repairing isn’t always the best option and sometimes when parts are obsolete or repairing the boiler may not make economic sense, we will give you a honest opinion to replace the appliance and you can rely on us to give you a fantastic experience on the installation of your new appliance. We follow the latest in industry standards to create an experience unmatched by our competitors, we are so confident in our service we will provide you with a 1 year workmanship guarantee* to give you that peace of mind, that if in the unlikely instance anything should go wrong we will be back to sort it out, again ‘we make it work’ for you.

And if cost is a concern please speak to us, we believe in the human experience, building relationships with our customers is the most important part of our business and we will place you and your needs at the forefront of our decision making.
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