We make it work

Southern Gas Services are a gas boiler maintenance and repair company, we specialise in repairing your boiler first and foremost to give you value for money and peace of mind. Rest assured at SGS you will be advised by experts in the industry, to simply put it “we make it work”.
We make it work Mechanically
We know how boilers, central heating and hot water systems work, with engineers trained, competent and experienced from the manufacturing process downwards we are up to date in the forefront of cutting edge technology. We know how it works and so we can fix it if it breaks down and make sure it continues to work.
We make it work Financially
In the unfortunate situation where it costs more to repair than to replace your system, we will always make it work for you financially, you will always get the best advice from Southern Gas Services so that it works for you financially and in the long term.
We make it work Emotionally
At Southern Gas Services, we understand that when your boiler breaks down, or your hot water is not working it can be unsettling and disrupt your life; we want to assure you we understand and will be there to make sure it works for you. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our honesty and it is what makes our business and we take it very seriously. We understand there is nothing worse than being let down, so we will make it work for you emotionally.
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